April 01, 2016

Meet James Fazio, Professional Surfer

Note: This is the first in a series of blogs introducing #TeamJLab ambassadors. To meet the full team, click here.

Meet #TeamJLab James Fazio, Professional Surfer

"But at that moment I knew that there was nothing else like surfing." - James

James Fazio is not just a surfer. He's not just an ambassador, friend, son, husband, or father. James Fazio is a mentor, a leader, a jokster, a believer, a giver and so much more. James is someone who has a vision and turns it into a life changing experience, not only for him, but for everyone around him. Without further ado, please meet James Fazio...

I got into surfing when I was around 13 years old. I remember catching my first wave thinking that it was massive, but it was just inside whitewash. I ran back to my dad to tell him about the massive set I caught and how big it was. He said,"I saw it, aren't you suppose to be farther out to catch the bigger waves?" I loved playing other sports, but at that moment I knew that there was nothing else like surfing and that I would, and did, give all my time to be in the ocean.

"I love helping others and helping others to believe in themselves." -James

I surf competitively in the World Qualifying Series and do film making side by side, but my main focus in life is not just surfing and film making. I love helping others and helping others to believe in themselves. My wife and I focus all our time to share love with people and help them become the people they were created to be. Using film is a way to empower others and show the beauty of someones culture, life and perspective. 


What are your accomplishments thus far?

 "I would say I am the best Omelette chef in possibly the world. Unofficial chef that is, but still I can make a serious Omelette," said James when asked, but that's not even a drop in the ocean of what James has done to change people's lives this year. Keep reading more... We still expect an omelet next time he's in JLab HQ office!



Who is your biggest inspiration?

My Dad. He is hardworking, honest and truly the most humble and wise man I know. A dad that teaches you how to work hard, have integrity and not give up, but always staying humble and serving others. Thanks dad! 

What’s your favorite inspirational quote?


What hobbies & activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

When I am not in the ocean, I love to play music and I love spending time with my little grom and when everyone falls asleep... I am definitely playing me some video games.

What are your guilty pleasure foods?

I don't know why, but the Two Cheeseburgers Meal at Mcdonald's is my favorite death food. It's just something about the fake meat and preservatives that makes my tastebuds tingle with joy.

Henry getting the real Philippines food experience. #merica

A photo posted by || James Fazio || (@igotnostrings) on


And Pizza of course. Me and my boys Mickey, Donnie, Raph and Leo are all about the Pizza.

Pizza time with @krossumm who is one of the groms staring in @timewellspentdoc. We will be launching the new video tomorrow!

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What’s your favorite music to listen to while you workout?

Space Jams soundtrack and Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack! But when I need to mix it up, I listen to this playlist...


Why do you like listening to music? When do you like to listen the most?

The emotional connection, whether a song takes you back to a certain time in life or a song can say your words better than you can yourself. Music helps me to remember and to forget. Now that I am a father, I don't get to listen to music as much as I used to, but my favorite time to listen to music is while traveling. Driving, on the bus, skating, flying and anytime that really forces you to tune out from the world for a second.



What are your 2016 goals?

My goals this year, is for Time Well Spent Documentary to get in the hands of as many people as possibly and mainly the hands of people how can relate to the stories of the boys in the Doc and find inspiration and hope to continue on. Personal goals would be to train and get surf some of the most remote waves I can find!

What are your favorite JLab products & why?

The Crasher! I love the JLAB Bluetooth Speakers. They can make any dull moment into your own little party. Camping, eating, traveling, and of course pooping...Ha!  



Check out James' work first hand in the Time Well Spent Documentary where him and his team went on an unforgettable journey to change the lives of 4 young groms from around the world. In the process they helped countless others giving their time, resources, and so much more. See how you can help here.


Time Well Spent Documentary | The Beginnings from Igotnostrings Productions on Vimeo.


Feel free to leave James any questions you may have below, or visit his Instagram- @igotnostrings

Go check out what James is up to today on our Instagram - @jlabaudio


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