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JLab 2018

2018 Recap

December 29, 2018

Every year we like to look back at our accomplishments and reflect on our growing brand. This year outdid last year (which happens again and again as we grow), and we couldn't be more proud of all that we did!
JLab Holiday Cheer campaign

JLab Holiday Cheer Campaign with MLS

December 19, 2018

Ready for the holidays? Well we are at the JLab headquarters! We teamed up with our partner, Major League Soccer to help spread holiday cheer in various cities.

girl running with epic air elite

5 Benefits of going fully wireless

December 18, 2018

The term wireless headphones, as you may know, is a complete misnomer. Yes, they’re a step forward as compared to your standard comes-with-your-phone Apple Earpods, but they’re not technically wireless
MLS x JLab Audio

MLS Cup: What You Need to Know

December 05, 2018

Saturday, December 8 will finish out the 2018 MLS season with the biggest match of the year. Atlanta United and Portland Timbers will go head to head for the title.

jbuds air

How the JBuds Air Compare

November 19, 2018

Here's a deep dive into how the JBuds Air compare side-by-side with other true wireless products.
epic air elite connecting

Bluetooth 5 - What you need to know

November 14, 2018

JLab Audio has recently made the shift from Bluetooth 4.2 to Bluetooth 5.0! Here’s three notable upgrades from Bluetooth 5 and its previous versions.