November 18, 2015

Geek Dad: Flex Headphones and Epic Bluetooth

Geek Dadincluded the Flex Headphones and Epic Bluetooth wireless earbuds in the article: Reviewing great sounds for the holidays. 



[...“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” That’s a classic idea meaning, simply, that you can waste a lot of time and money pursuing the best while missing out on things that will do the job well with far less effort. Into this category, I’ll drop the Flex over-ear headphones by JLab...


...I’ve also had the opportunity to try out two different bluetooth earbud solutions. What’s great about these is the portability and freedom. You connect to your music source (usually a phone) via Bluetooth, and then leave it in your pocked while you walk around or exercise, and don’t have to worry about getting wires tangled up...]