Epic Air Sport
True Wireless Earbuds


This product carries a Two Year Limited Warranty

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First time Set Up: Bluetooth Pairing

How to wirelessly connect your Epic Air Sport

Controlling Your Epic Air Sport

Controls for your Epic Air Sport

Changing EQ Settings

Changing EQ settings for your Epic Air Sport

Turning On/Off Be Aware Audio

Be Aware Audio Diagram Showing Person Speaking to Another Person Wearing Earbuds

How to connect, controls, charging, reconnecting and more

Skip to specific topics in the video here:

1. What's included - 0:04

2. Connecting to your device - 0:22

3. Pairing to a new/additional device - 1:02

4. Troubleshooting - Earbuds disconnected to each other or there's no sound in one earbud - 1:24

5. Troubleshooting - Bluetooth device does not connect. How to reconnect to your device - 2:06

6. Touch Controls - Learn all the functions - 2:38

7. Charging - How to charge your case, earbuds, and other devices - 3:54